Mission statement

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Functions: Providing preferential loans, subsidized loan interests and loan guarantees, and to grant expenses to carry out research, technology transfer and innovation. NATIF's charter capital is about 50 million USD from state budget for science and technology activities and is annually added for conservation.


  1. To get capital from the state budget; to mobilize voluntary contributions from organizations and individuals at home and abroad.
  2. To set up strategy developments, annual work plans of the Fund; issued specific regulations for the Fund operations.
  3. To organize to consider and select S&T tasks and projects that could be funded or lent by the Fund; build regulations for financial support and determine fund cost obviously; verify,manage the implementing processes and evaluate the results.
  4. To stop funding, lending or withdraw funds if organizations, individuals or enterprises taking park in S&T tasks and projects offend again the regulations on using the Fund's capital; resolve complaints or sue organizations, individuals or enterprises for breaking contracts and commitments under law provisions.
  5. To manage and use the state-allocated capital and properties and other resources under the Charter on Organization and Operation and law provisions.
  6. To manage organization and personnel according to law provisions.
  7. To cooperate with foreign organizations and individuals as well as international organizations on matters related to the Fund operation.
  8. To be allowed to send free capital to commercial banks for purposes of capital preservation and development with safe guarantee..

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