Organization Chart

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The Management Council

The Management Council includes the Council President, Vice Council Presidents and other members. The Council consists of 9 to 11 people being scientists, managers and enterprise representatives who work on full or a part-time basis for every 5-year term.






Prof. Hoang Van Phong



Dr. Phan Hoang Son


3 Dr. Do Huu Hao Member
4 Dr.Tran Thi Thu Ha Member
5 Dr. Pham Van Truong Member
6 CN. Tran Kim Lien Member
7 KS. Luu Hoang Long Member
8 KS. Nguyễn Văn Thọ Member
9 Assoc.Prof. Ta Cao Minh Member


Mission and power of the Management Council:

  • To decide Fund action orientations and work plans based on the state priorities of science and technology development; approve the annual financial plans and settlement reports submitted byt the Executive Office Director; approve work plan and reports of the Control Board. 
  • To promulgate jurisdictionally necessary work and management regulations; finalize funding and lending methods; establish S&T advise committees in order to select tasks and projects, evaluate results and related aspects.
  • To supervise and verify activities of Executive Office and Control Board under state regulations, the charter on organization and operation of the Fund and the decisions of the Council.

Executive Office

The Executive Office includes a director, deputy directors, specialized divisions and representative offices.

The Executive Office director is the legal Fund representative that is appointed and dismissed by the Minister of Science and Technology at the proposal of the President of the Management Council. The Executive Office director has responsibility and power as follow:

         - To organize and manage activities of the Executive Office under the Fund charter provisions and the Council decisions;

         - To manage personnel, property and capital of the Fund;

         - To participate in the Council meetings, could give opinions but not vote.

Deputy directors and chief accountant are appointed and dismissed under decisions of the Minister of Science and Technology. The deputy directors assist the director as assigned.
The specialized divisions and representative offices are unanimously proposed by the Council and decided by the Ministers of Science and Technology.

Control Board

Control Board is made up of three to five members, with a Manager,  a Deputy Manager and members who are nominated by Board of Trustees. They have expertise in finance, banking, accounting and law, operate with five-year mandate. They inspect the execution of the foundation’s regulations and decisions, report to the Board of Trustees, consider the complaints of all individuals and organizations related to the foundation’s activities and submit them to the authorities.


Scientific Committees

Scientific Committees are established by the Board of Trustees of  the Fund upon the recommendation of Executive Director. The Scientific Committees are established as a task force to define appropriate research strategy, to judge and select funding proposals as well as to evaluate ending results of the scientific and technological projects. Members of Scientific Committees are proposed by Executive Director and are decided by President of the Board of Trustees. 

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